Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yippee!!! I got a contract!

I just signed with Taylor Street Books yesterday and am so excited to join their talented group of writers. Falling Again should debut on Amazon within the next few months and it all seems surreal to me. I've worked on this novel for the past two years and it will be very rewarding to see it come to life.

Here's my description on my pseudo back cover:

When Danielle Grayson closes her eyes at night, she awakes as Caroline Marcum. One minute, Danielle is an average 18-year-old living in present-day Georgia, and the next, she’s thrust into a world she has never seen before . . . or so she thinks. Night after night, Danielle travels in her sleep to a Victorian beach town where everything seems eerily familiar and acutely real.

She soon realizes that she’s dealing with something far greater than a simple dream when occurrences in her present-day life begin to duplicate themselves in her dreams.

Her connection to Caroline grows nightly. As the months progress, there are more questions than answers and Danielle’s constant obsession to figure out who Caroline is overtakes her every day life. She wonders how she could be living in two distinct time periods during the course of the same day.

Then Ben arrives. The moment Danielle sees him she realizes that she’s looked into those very same eyes as Caroline. The pieces of the puzzle are beginning to reveal their place in her shattered existence. Family and friends in her Georgian life exhibit the same characteristics as those she converses with as Caroline. 

Danielle begins to wonder how those closest to her got there in the first place. Have they been there forever? 

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