Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yippee!!! I got a contract!

I just signed with Taylor Street Books yesterday and am so excited to join their talented group of writers. Falling Again should debut on Amazon within the next few months and it all seems surreal to me. I've worked on this novel for the past two years and it will be very rewarding to see it come to life.

Here's my description on my pseudo back cover:

When Danielle Grayson closes her eyes at night, she awakes as Caroline Marcum. One minute, Danielle is an average 18-year-old living in present-day Georgia, and the next, she’s thrust into a world she has never seen before . . . or so she thinks. Night after night, Danielle travels in her sleep to a Victorian beach town where everything seems eerily familiar and acutely real.

She soon realizes that she’s dealing with something far greater than a simple dream when occurrences in her present-day life begin to duplicate themselves in her dreams.

Her connection to Caroline grows nightly. As the months progress, there are more questions than answers and Danielle’s constant obsession to figure out who Caroline is overtakes her every day life. She wonders how she could be living in two distinct time periods during the course of the same day.

Then Ben arrives. The moment Danielle sees him she realizes that she’s looked into those very same eyes as Caroline. The pieces of the puzzle are beginning to reveal their place in her shattered existence. Family and friends in her Georgian life exhibit the same characteristics as those she converses with as Caroline. 

Danielle begins to wonder how those closest to her got there in the first place. Have they been there forever? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I rescued a dog today.

Here's how it began. I went to get lunch with a friend at her pizza restaurant. We quickly noticed a lonely dog wandering around across a busy street. Then saw a vet from across the street follow it with a leash and treats. She was moving verrrrrry slowly. I got pissed. We jumped in the Caddy my friend owns and went out in search of the dog.

It was running away from us . . . obviously. The vet, again, was moving verrry slowly. I had had enough. I grabbed the leash and the treats from her and said, "I'll do it myself!" All logic left my head and I went into "Sarah DiCello - animal lover and saver of all things small and furry!"

My friend did too. She followed after me in her new Cadillac search and rescue vehicle as I ran - literally ran in stilettos - after this dog. The animal was headed to an extremely busy street and I panicked. My shoes came off and I ran as fast as I could down the middle, yes, the middle, of the street. Cars were passing on all sides as we came to a 4-way stop. There we found our Savior - the Statue of Liberty.

I know. Not the twist you expected. But there he stood, this wonderful African American man dressed as New York's finest, stopping traffic on his side of the street. So, I stopped traffic on the other side of the street as well.

From the perspective of those people in cars to the back of the situation, they probably were cursing us out for halting their very busy work day, but again, I became "Sarah DiCello - animal lover and saver of all things small and furry!"

I lost my own dog once and I was going to pay it forward, dammit!!!

A nice man in a very Hannibalesque van pulled over and tried to coerce the dog in, and it worked. He jumped right on top of him. We then instructed him to meet us at the vet. The very vet I was sure didn't care much about the well-being and safety of this dog. However, it was our only option.

We met and made the exchange to soon find a smelly, dirty, licking dog jumping from lap to lap, excited to be rescued.

So, when my husband asked me how my day was, I said, "I have performed a great deed. I shall now award myself with some Pinot Grigio."